Zakmes C-47 Skytrain #9116 - Fostex

Een handig zakmes met een uniek militair design van de C-47 Skytrain. Dit one-of-a-kind zakmes is een gebruiksvriendelijk en veelzijdig stuk gereedschap gemaakt van kwalitatieve materialen. Het zakmes is voorzien van diverse functies welke gemak kunnen bieden tijdens tal van situaties. Handig voor op reis, outdoor-activiteiten en dagelijks gebruik.

Functies zakmes:
Blik-opener, draadstripper, flessenopener, kleine schroevendraaier, kurkentrekker, mes, pincet, priem, schroevendraaier, sleutelhanger, tandenstoker.

Totale lengte geopend: 15.5 cm
Totale lengte gesloten: 9 cm
Lemmetlengte: 6.5 cm
Lemmethoogte: 1.2 cm

Messen en bijlen versturen wij altijd met leeftijdscheck 18+!

 13,50 Incl. BTW


The Douglas C-47 Skytrain or Dakota (RAFRAAFRCAFRNZAF, and SAAF designation) is a military transport aircraft developed from the civilian Douglas DC-3 airliner. It was used extensively by the Allies during World War II and remained in front-line service with various military operators for many years.

The C-47 was vital to the success of many Allied campaigns, in particular, those at Guadalcanal and in the jungles of New Guinea and Burma, where the C-47 and its naval version, the R4D, made it possible for Allied troops to counter the mobility of the light-traveling Japanese Army. C-47s were used to airlift supplies to the encircled American forces during the Battle of Bastogne in Belgium. Possibly its most influential role in military aviation, however, was flying “The Hump” from India into China. The expertise gained flying “The Hump” was later used in the Berlin Airlift, in which the C-47 played a major role until the aircraft were replaced by Douglas C-54 Skymasters.[citation needed]

In Europe, the C-47 and a specialized paratroop variant, the C-53 Skytrooper, were used in vast numbers in the later stages of the war, particularly to tow gliders and drop paratroops. During the invasion of Sicily in July 1943, C-47s dropped 4,381 Allied paratroops. More than 50,000 paratroops were dropped by C-47s during the first few days of the D-Day campaign also known as the invasion of Normandy, France, in June 1944.[9] In the Pacific War, with careful use of the island landing strips of the Pacific Ocean, C-47s were used for ferrying soldiers serving in the Pacific theater back to the United States.

About 2,000 C-47s (received under Lend-Lease) in British and Commonwealth service took the name “Dakota”, possibly inspired by the acronym “DACoTA” for Douglas Aircraft Company Transport Aircraft.[10]

The C-47 also earned the informal nickname “gooney bird” in the European theatre of operations.[11] Other sources[12] attribute this name to the first aircraft, a USMC R2D—the military version of the DC-2—being the first aircraft to land on Midway Island, previously home to the long-winged albatross known as the gooney bird which was native to Midway.


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